Workshops and Meeting


Workshop Funding:

If you are thinking about hosting your own workshop, IBIN can offer up to £1k for small bioimaging focussed workshops that promote ECR development and collaboration. If you’re interested in applying you can do so here, or email for more information.


Below are some workshops and meetings. If you would like to advertise here please email lists science conferences and meetings from around the world.


Location: Glasgow

Date: 27th-28th August 2020

NOTICE2020 is a small-scale symposium on novel optical technology for cardiac electrophysiology and aims to create a synergy between the strongest proponents of optical imaging, microscopy and manipulation technology applied to investigate the heart.

The workshop covers a broad range of topic from studying electrical activity, mechanical function and heart structure from the cellular scale to whole organ level. Topics range from super-resolution techniques to coarse-resolution whole heart mapping, from imaging cardiac activity and correlating this activity to the underlying structure to manipulating cardiac activity with optogenetics.

NOTICE2020 is the second instalment, after our successful inauguration event NOTICE 2018 in Florence. You can help us make this meeting a success by downloading and distributing this flyer.

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