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Wednesday 16th January, in London, was the official launch of the Integrated Biological Imaging Network. The purpose of the meeting was to gather together multi-disciplinary experts from around the UK to share ideas, get to know each other and develop projects that will make use of funding offered by the Network. The Network aims to foster collaborations that advance the field of bioimaging. To do this the Network will fund short trips, sabbaticals and provide pump-prime funding for novel projects that bring together advanced imaging techniques with cutting edge biology. If you are interested in applying for funding, this initial call for funding will run until 8th February. More information and application forms can be found here.


Director of the network Professor Maddy Parsons kicked off the meeting and introduced everyone to its aims and purpose. Following the introduction, the network members took part in a series of brainstorming sessions.  These centred around seven topics: multiplexed functional imaging of signalling; super-resolution imaging; imaging tissue structure and turnover; imaging across length and time scales; imaging cell and tissue mechanics; imaging cell-cell communication; optogenetics and optical manipulation. Attendees were encouraged to identify problems within these areas of science and discuss solutions and possible experiments. There were lots of excellent discussions happening and already potential collaborations starting to form.

Maddy Parsons Launching the Network.


Furious Brainstorming.

After lunch attendees were encouraged to choose a table that they found interesting, or thought they could contribute to and discuss potential projects to solve the problems identified in the previous sessions. This session was great for networking, identifying knowledge gaps and developing some potential projects and collaborations. Already attendees were planning trips to build collaborations and solve problems in their projects that relate to the networks scientific goals. After the project building sessions, attendees were encouraged to pitch their project plans to the audience for some instant feedback. There were six projects pitched, which all sounded novel and exciting. The Network Management Board will be reviewing these projects and funding them if they meet the criteria. Watch this space for the outcomes.


The next IBIN meeting will be held on the 18th June 2019 and will be a another opportunity to network and develop projects for funding. Registration for our next meeting will open soon, to make sure you don’t miss out sign up to the network and our newsletter here.


One more thing. We want to make the IBIN website as useful to its members. Some of the features, like a forum and member database, are in development. However, there is now a careers and workshops page for advertising. If you have either that you wish to advertise please get in touch with


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