On June 18th we kicked off our second round of pump-prime funding with a meeting in Leeds. The meeting was a chance to gather together academics and industry representatives from around the UK to discuss the current problems and solutions facing the field of 3D Bioimaging.


Maddy kicked off the morning with an update on the Network. After the January meeting, we identified a number of challenges areas of interested and these were refined to some focussed aims that we wanted to address during our second round of funding. We have also increased the funding available to up to £25k for 3-6 month projects find out more here.

Following on from this was a series of flash talks by Early Career Researchers outlining the challenges they were facing and projects to collaborate on. Our keynote speakers Fred Wouters and Dominic Waithe discussed developing optical imaging technology and resources for image analysis.


The Summer Meeting was sponsored by a number of industrial partners; Nikon, Tocris Bio-Techne, Photon Lines, Teledyne Photometrics, Zeiss. These partners are helping to support the network and develop collaborations with academic researchers. They also gave flash talks outlining some of the imaging solutions that they would like to make available to researchers. Our final talk was given by Rocio Gaudioso Pedraza describing some of the AI activities taking place across UKRI and BBSRC.


The afternoon consisted of focus groups each discussing one of five aspects of 3D Bioimaging to develop projects and collaborations that could be eligible for the IBIN funding round. This was a great way for the IBIN network members to get to know each other and discuss the current challenges that bioimaging faces. A few of these discussions led to applications for pump-prime funding and the successful applicants will be announced soon.


Finally, we announced a save the date for 20-21st January for a joint meeting with 3DBioNet, a partner UKRI-funded TTL network. The meeting will take place in London, with 3DBioNet running day one and IBIN running day two. Watch this space for more details.


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