Congratulations to the recipients of the second round of IBIN funding. We had some great applications and it was tough deciding on the ones to be funded. Thank’s to all of you that applied!


The successful pump prime projects are:

BioImaging and Biophotonics Group, School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Science

Lead PI: Prof Simon Ameer-Beg
Co-I: Dr Caroline Müllenbroich, Dr Izzy Jayasinghe
Named Researcher: Dr Thomas Kavanagh

A novel correlative light electron microscopy (CLEM) technique to unravel the nano-toxicology of single gold nanoparticles in terrestrial isopods.

Lead PI: Prof Paola Borri
Co-I: Dr Nuno Ferreira, Prof Paul Verkade, Prof Peter Kille
Named Researcher: Dr Iestyn Pope

Set-up of an oblique plane microscope-based screening platform for breast cancer heterogeneity using a multi-gene, multi-colour physio-mimetic 3D model

Lead PI: Dr Nina Moderau
Co-I: Dr Christopher Dunsby

Improving illumination and increasing throughput for super-resolution microscopy
Lead: Prof Michelle Peckham
Co-I: Prof Suliana Manley, Dr Alistair Curd
Named Researcher: Ms Dora Mahecic

Assembloids: Establishing automated multiparametric imaging of self-assembling Brain Tumour Organoids as a Clinical Decision Support System
Lead PI: Dr Heiko Wurdak
Co-I: Dr Davide Danovi, Mr Nicholas Duggan, Mr Ryan Mathew
Named Researcher: Ms Bronwyn Irving


The successful sabbatical applicant is:

Dr Graeme Johnstone from the University of Strathclyde who will be travelling to the University of Leeds, hosted by Dr Izzy Jayasinghe


The successful short trip applicants are:

Dr Caroline Muellenbroich and Dr Chas Nelson.



Our next meeting will be a joint two-day meeting in London with our partner network 3DBioNet. If you are interested in applying for the next round of IBIN funding then we strongly recommend that you attend this meeting. It will be a great opportunity to create collaborations and find out more about IBIN and 3DBioNet.


You can sign up for our January Meeting here.

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