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Integrated Biological Imaging Network

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The IBIN is a UKRI initiative funded by Technology Touching Life in collaboration with the MRC, EPSRC and BBSRC. The network aims to bring together a multidisciplinary network of biologists, physicists, chemists and mathematicians to develop new methods of taking high-resolution images of living cells in 3D systems and tissues.


The IBIN will fund collaborations between experts in academia and industry enabling the advancement and understanding of cell behaviour in healthy and diseased tissues.



1. Generate a collaborative network of experts across academia and industry to generate new ideas to reach the networks scientific goals.

2. Develop the skills of the next generation of early career researchers and provide an area for sharing imaging and analysis tools.

3. Promote the research of the members of the Network through outreach and engagement.

High-resolution 3D imaging of living cells.

“The IBIN represents an excellent opportunity to gather cross-disciplinary experts from across the UK to identify solutions to emerging biological challenges in imaging 3D live cell signalling events”

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