Network Team

The network is managed and led by a number of experts across a range of relevant scientific fields.

Maddy’s research team aim to understand how membrane receptors control signalling events leading to cell adhesion and migration. They focus on applying advanced microscopy methods to analyse dynamic changes in these processes in 2D and 3D model systems both in healthy and diseased cells.

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Prof Maddy Parsons
Network Director Cell Biology
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Dr Simon Ameer-Beg
Co-Director Functional Imaging

Gail McConnell is Chair of Biophotonics at the Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, UK. The work in Gail’s group involves the design and development of new biomedical imaging technologies spanning the nanoscale to the whole organism.

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Prof Gail McConnell
Network Partner Tissue technology

Professor of Chemical Physics at the University of Cambridge. The Laser Analytics Group develops and applies advanced optical imaging techniques to unravel molecular mechanisms in live cell and organism models of disease. He is director of the EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies and Applications, co-founder of the Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre, and a fellow of the Optical Society of America.

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Prof Clemens Kaminski
Network Partner Sensor technology
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Dr Christopher Dunsby
Network Partner Dynamic Imaging
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Prof Nick Brown
Network Partner Tissue Biology
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Prof Michelle Peckham
Network Partner Super-Resolution
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Dr Cristina lo Celso
Network Partner Stem + Immunology

As Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Durham University, Beeby applies optical spectroscopy to the study of new materials and is an expert in luminescent materials. Beeby researches the photophysical and photochemical behaviour of condensed-phase molecules and systems with potential commercial importance. He develops new methodologies and designs and constructs sophisticated instrumentation and associated data analysis.

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Prof Andrew Beeby
Network Partner Probe development

Experienced in cell biology and microscopy. Research during PhD and Post-Doc focussed on investigating the molecular mechanisms behind cell-cell adhesion.

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Dr Jake Howden
Network Manager