About Us


The Integrated Biological Imaging Network aims to bring together expertise from across the UK to advance the field of biological imaging. More details about the network and how to get involved are listed below.


Our Scientific Goals

The IBIN has three scientific goals that are key issues in cell biology. They are to: define the spatiotemporal dynamics of cell adhesion signalling; determine cell-specific cues that influence immune cell-tissue interactions; determine how tissue mechanics influence cell growth and signalling.

Read more about our scientific goals here.


Sign Up

To access funding for small projects and sabbaticals, and to be informed of the latest developments from the network then sign up here.

Registration is free and you will receive invitations to future events, workshops and calls for funding applications.


Network Activities

We want to promote the work of the IBIN members and some submitted images can be found here.

In the future, we aim to have a searchable database that contains the members and their expertise.




Below are some quotes from our partners.


  • Tocris  Industrial Partner

    “The is a clear requirement from the scientific community for new chemical probes for use in cutting-edge optical imaging systems and Prof Maddy Parsons and co-investigators are ideally and uniquely placed to deliver these probes. It is therefore with great please that I recommend these investigators and offer the support of Tocris to their proposal.”

    – Robert Felix, Head of Product Management

  • Leica  Industrial Partner

    “We confirm our strong support for the IBIN and our enthusiasm to be a collaborating industrial partner in this network… Leica has a very keen interest in the ongoing development, implementation and commercialisation of novel imaging solutions to complex biological questions. We believe the IBIN will provide a unique opportunity for a multi-disciplinary group of experts to address some key unmet needs in 3-dimensional culture, tissue and whole organism imaging… The IBIN represents an excellent opportunity for the community to come together and tackle these questions as a collective.”

    – Sue Wilson, Regional Manager

  • ZEISS  Industrial Partner

    “The IBIN represents an excellent opportunity to gather cross-disciplinary experts from across the UK to identify solutions to emerging biological challenges in imaging 3D live cell signalling events. Given the combined expertise, there is significant potential for IBIN to deliver step-change instrumentation by combining multiple imaging modes into single platform solutions. At ZEISS, we also recognise that this is a priority area for instrument development and being part of this Network will provide us with an opportunity to engage with leading academics, learn more about the key biological problems being approached and how we may be able to assist with solutions.”

    – Dr. Ben Ewins, UK Sector Manager for Life Science

  • Nikon  Industrial Partner

    “Partnering with a network of high-profile researchers and microscopists to develop novel imaging solutions and techniques is likely to provoke engagement across the breadth of Nikon Instruments technologies, including high throughput imaging, super-resolution microscopes, image processing and advanced optics. The IBIN is a unique opportunity for Nikon Instruments to build on the existing collaboration we have with King’s College London to further the capabilities of biological imaging and, in turn, research effectiveness, within the UK and beyond.”

    – Dr. Darren Summers, General Manager

  • RMS  Society Partner

    “The RMS is very supportive of what the IBIN is trying to achieve and our close existing links with your proposed network members will place you in a strong position to keep the RMS informed of any outcomes which we can help disseminate to the UK community”

    – Allison Winton, Chief Executive