Below are the upcoming IBIN events. If you would like to attend an event please get in touch with us. To keep up-to-date with the network, sign up to the mailing list here.

Summer IBIN meeting June 18th 2019

Date: 18th June 2019

Location: Leeds, UK

Venue: Aspire Venue

Cost:  Free


The second IBIN meeting will consist of talks from early career researchers and our industrial partners on the latest bioimaging challenges and solutions. The afternoon session will be dedicated to networking, collaboration and developing ideas to tackle the bioimaging challenges identified in the first IBIN meeting. A second round of funding will open up after the 18th June meeting to support projects that are related to the IBIN bioimaging challenges and if you wish to apply for funding up to £25k then it is recommended that you attend.






9.30-10:00       Registration

10:00                Welcome and update on Network activities

10:15-11:15     Talks from early career researchers describing bioimaging challenges and tools

                          Coffee break

11.35-12:00     Prof. Fred Wouters – ‘Developing optical imaging technology for diagnostic pathology’

12:00-12:15     Dr. Dominic Waithe – ‘Resources for 3D image analysis: Neubias and beyond’

12.15-12:45     Flash talks from Industrial Partners – what they can contribute to IBIN: Nikon, Tocris Bio Techne, Photon Lines, Teledyne Photometrics, Zeiss

12:45-12:55  Artificial Intelligence (AI) – activities across UKRI and in BBSRC – Rocio Gaudioso Pedraza


1.45-3.15         Breakout group discussions – Five Challenge Areas and project development

                          Coffee break

3.45-4.30       Group discussion and reporting back on Challenge Areas and potential new projects

4.306pm       Drinks and networking


ECR talk titles:

“Exploratory visualization tools for dSTORM” – Joanna Leng

“Segmentation and topological analysis of single-molecule localization microscopy data using RSMLM” – Jeremy Pike

“in vitro gastrulation models from human induced pluripotent stem cells” – Haneen Alsehli

“Exploring and assessing patterns in 3D single-molecule localisation data” – Alistair Curd

“Towards transmural electrophysiology in the mouse heart: can temporal focusing increase imaging depth in optical measurements of cardiac conductivity?” – Caroline Müllenbroich

“Activatable fluorescent probes for enhanced live-cell imaging” – Lorena Mendive Tapia

“Computational Eliminating Tissue Motion for Day-long Imaging in Zebrafish” – Chas Nelson


Industry talk titles:

Nikon – New objective lenses for high-resolution imaging of 3D biological samples.

Tocris Bio Techne – Developing new chemical tools: dyes and fluorescent probes fit for advanced imaging techniques.

Photon Lines – Advanced technologies in light microscopy

Teledyne Photometrics – Combining speed and sensitivity: Back-illuminated sCMOS cameras for 3D imaging.

Zeiss – Recent advances in Super resolution from Carl Zeiss


Industry Attendees: